Video Age Productions (VAP) has been in business since 1984, producing video for education, training, advertising, and promotion. We’ve helped Fortune 500 clients spread the word about their products and services and produced dozens of educational programs about leadership development, effective communication, and ethical behavior for schools, colleges, and libraries nationwide. Since 2016, we’ve been especially excited about partnering on creative projects with two important nonprofits organizations: the Wisconsin Leadership Institute and its subsidiary, Our Better Angels.


We started out in 1984, before video was in widespread use, and we’ve grown through four generations of video technology. For some of our clients, the best part of working with Video Age is our low cost of production. We originally produced video for Ripon College, where our founder was also the founder of the world’s first undergraduate program in Leadership Studies. We still call Ripon, Wisconsin, our home, which means that our overhead and costs of production are way below industry norms, especially compared to big-city studios. (And most comparable video studios are big-city studios.)

We are especially interested in working for and with schools, colleges, faith communities, service organizations, and nonprofits of all sorts. Over the years, we have taken great pride and satisfaction from working with such organizations, and we are happy to provide healthy discounts in exchange for the privilege of working with people doing good work for good causes. To us, doing good work for good people and good causes is worth way more than money. In fact, we are also happy to provide healthy discounts to our for-profit clients who agree to apply their discounts to one or more good causes, including one of our own favorites: Ripon College, the Ripon Education Foundation, the Wisconsin Leadership Institute, Our Better Angels, Kiwanis International, Rotary International, and the Sophia Foundation.

Since 1989, we have produced dozens of educational programs on leadership development, effective communication, and ethical behavior. Our first series, Leadership Skills and Values, included sixteen 30-minute programs distributed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Kiwanis International, and Insight Media. We have also produced 26 programs for the Wisconsin Technical College System which were broadcast on Wisconsin Public Television for more than ten years. We aim to continue producing educational programs for national distribution, and we offer sponsorship and marketing opportunities to those who want to earn promotional consideration among our audiences while also helping to spread worthy educational messages to the young people who will run our world in the not-too-distant future.

Our for-profit clients have included corporations as far away as Boston and Atlanta. Our largest client was the International Paper Company, at the time number 40 on the Fortune 50, for whom we produced an extensive series of training programs. Virtually all businesses of any significant size nowadays use video for marketing, advertising, and training, especially in conjunction with on-line networks for distribution. We recently added web design and search engine optimization services to help our clients take advantage of the Internet to snag attention and spread their message wherever the Internet can reach – in other words, all over the world.

Despite our small size and our small-city home, we can provide a wide range of services, from planning and scripting to taping, editing, graphics production, special effects, narration, music, and embedding on the Internet and your website. 

We invite you to give Skip Walker a call at 920-748-7434, send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out and submit the registration form below. Make sure you let Skip know if you represent a nonprofit organization. Thanks a lot for your attention. We look forward to working for you and with you.